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Volunteer Appreciation

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From Sunday…

In speaking about everything we believe/understand about the Lord and how we follow Him fitting in a circle, we spoke of Him doing things outside our circle to help us grow. A big way this happens…if you trust within circle .001.jpeg

Mexico Mission Trip

attachment-1-4Last year, I had the opportunity to spend a week serving a joy filled people in far southern Mexico. We worked with them to build a building for the people of a small community to gather in. Along with that, we did things for families and children and just lived in relationship with this people who we had not known before. Jazen gets to go this year though she’ll be in a different area – Chenalho (Chiapas, Mexico). The group she will go with will serve the people, enjoy our common faith and live in relationship while encouraging and building one another up. For some added fun, things like toys and candy are taken. You haven’t lived until you see a 60 year old person who speaks a different language try pop rocks for the first time. Along with that…

A lot of the people work all day in the sun. You’d not believe the smile you receive when you pass on a hat. Jazen’s Dad had the idea (last year) of taking hats and he did so last year. We’ll do the same this year and several people from The STORY Church brought some of their own hats for Jazen to take (47 to be exact). So, what was given here will be enjoyed 1500 miles away. Just another way to Be the Church. I’m thankful we are growing as a church in how we serve our community (our focus) and those beyond our community. Thank you to all who gave hats! I think this will nourish Jazen’s soul…and we could all use a whole lot more of that. – Ray

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