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attachment-1-4Last year, I had the opportunity to spend a week serving a joy filled people in far southern Mexico. We worked with them to build a building for the people of a small community to gather in. Along with that, we did things for families and children and just lived in relationship with this people who we had not known before. Jazen gets to go this year though she’ll be in a different area – Chenalho (Chiapas, Mexico). The group she will go with will serve the people, enjoy our common faith and live in relationship while encouraging and building one another up. For some added fun, things like toys and candy are taken. You haven’t lived until you see a 60 year old person who speaks a different language try pop rocks for the first time. Along with that…

A lot of the people work all day in the sun. You’d not believe the smile you receive when you pass on a hat. Jazen’s Dad had the idea (last year) of taking hats and he did so last year. We’ll do the same this year and several people from The STORY Church brought some of their own hats for Jazen to take (47 to be exact). So, what was given here will be enjoyed 1500 miles away. Just another way to Be the Church. I’m thankful we are growing as a church in how we serve our community (our focus) and those beyond our community. Thank you to all who gave hats! I think this will nourish Jazen’s soul…and we could all use a whole lot more of that. – Ray

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“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18.

This is a verse that we have based our Be Rich (In good deeds, that is) Campaign on. If you missed this, see below for more information. We continue to get stories from our $20 give away and here are a couple more. These are quick summaries of these stories rather than exact quotes.

-I had the opportunity, with my daughter to buy items for a man who was sitting outside a convenience store. We spoke with him and found out if he’d eat certain things that we wanted to get him from the store. He said that he would so we went in and got him several items. It turned out to be just a little bit more than the $20 we were given to give away. We also gave him a blanket from the back of our vehicle.

-I heard the story of the girl who lost hear baby and lived in Mexico (see below). Things are tough right now but she needs it more than I do so I want to give my $20 to her.

Keep ’em coming! There are still plenty of dollars (that we gave out) not yet accounted for. We look forward to you sharing your story.

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be-rich-with-year-website-and-verse-001Here are a few more ways people, who are part of The STORY Church, decided to Be Rich (In good deeds, that is) as part of our money give away. Note: Be Rich is a campaign where The STORY Church has given away time, energy and money freely to others. As part of this, we took up an offering with the purpose of giving every penny away. With a portion of this money, every family that showed up one particular Sunday were given an envelope with money in it to give away. These are summaries of some of their stories.

-I heard that _____________ Dad was in very bad health so I decided to give him the money.

-_____________ has been having a really difficult time lately. They’ve dealt with trying to find a job and with what they are supposed to do with their future. I gave them the money and added some of my own as just a bit of encouragement.

-I want to give my money to the girl in Mexico that we heard about (see previous post).

Keep ’em coming everybody!

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As part of BE RICH (In good deeds, that is) we gave $20 to every family on a Sunday with the instructions:

  1. Seek who you felt the Lord wanted you to give the money too.
  2. Give the money obediently.
  3. Email ray@thestorychurch.org with the STORY to encourage others (will be done anonymously).

Here is one of the stories (shared during a sermon recently). The story was told directly rather than emailed so the information below is not an exact quote. Additionally, there was a lot more to the story that showed how good God is even during extremely difficult times.

“I’m giving the money to a someone I know who lives in Mexico. She recently lost her newborn child. When I heard the sermon, she just popped into my head. In Mexico, the exchange rate means that for every dollar I send, she will get about twenty Mexican dollars. So, when I send this $20 it is like she is getting $400!!!”

Since this story was told, another person decided to give their $20 as well. So, this young woman who is going through such a hard time is going to be receiving about $800! The Lord can do A LOT with a little.

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We all have places we want to end up in life. Yet the paths we choose often lead us away from our intended destinations. Whether we know if or not, one step in the wrong direction can lead to wasted years or the boulevard of broken dreams. The flip side is that if we choose the right path, we can not only end up where we want to go…we can experience something even better. In this series, we’ll examine the disconnect between our dreams and the paths we take to reach them. What we will clearly see is that the path we choose will take us to the place we end up whether it is our dream or not.

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